[SUWANEE, GA, December 3, 2019] – Evermark, LLC recently announced a significant rebranding effort, orchestrated to align and reflect the company’s augmented, strategic vision.

This rebranding is one of the first steps in unifying the company’s continued focus on innovation and the associated organizational structure changes and targeted growth initiatives.  CEO George Liu believes these steps when combined, will usher Evermark into 2020 and beyond as one of the premier leaders in building and renovation components that increase the value and beauty of a home.

As part of the re-branding, Evermark released a new logo that will serve as a unifying mark for the company’s diverse product lines, while also consolidating representation of the company’s domestic and overseas manufacturing and distribution locations.

The new logo maintains the company’s previous iconography of the infinity symbol, stylized to a more modern representation, incorporated with the tagline, “Building Infinite Possibilities.” Liu sees this new logo and tag line as the perfect ideation for the evolution of Evermark, remarking, “Evermark has long-stood at the leading edge of innovation. Our re-branding and name consolidation are the next natural step in helping to reflect that focus now and into the future.”


About Evermark

Founded in 1993, Evermark owns factories in Asia and the US, along with multiple warehouses across the country to serve its retail and wholesale customers. Headquartered in Suwanee, GA, the company employs more than 800 people at its various locations.

Evermark’s mission is to optimize the creativity and passion of its people to drive innovation and instill superior design into products, ensuring the highest levels of value and quality for customers. From humble beginnings, Evermark has become a major provider of home building and renovations solutions, delivering cutting-edge offerings that challenge the status quo while enhancing the value and beauty of a home.

Kim Brooks

Director of Marketing


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Source: Evermark, LLC Corporate Office