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Evermark China Factory Our Story

1993 - 2000

  • LNL Building Products formed by Georgia Liu and his father, Marlon.
  • LNL Building Products begins making start part components.
  • Manufacturing capability and capacity expand.

2001 - 2010

  • With addition of an investment partner, Evermark LLC is created to focus on door and door components
  • Production of door frames and stile & rail doors begins
  • Everjamb is designed and introduced into retail and for door manufacturers
  • LNL Building Products acquires first contract with Home Depot with stair treads
  • The housing market collapses
  • Evermark and LNL Building Products merge
  • LNL Building Products acquires the Home Depot Stair division of American Wood Moulding

2011 - 2020

  • Facing struggling financial results, George Liu buys out private equity interest to re-take full control of company
  • Innovative Millwork Technology forms to acquire Surewood Plant from American Wood Moulding
  • With business prospering, Evermark becomes an ESOP company
  • Re-branding occurs to put all product categories under the “Evermark” brand
  • Evermark acquires Jones Stephens’ Hinge and Hardware Division

2021 -

  • Evermark expands leadership & functional capabilities
  • New products are launched such as TapNTwist, SlipNGrip, and Everstrike
  • Foreign tariffs & antidumping legislation begins to impact global supply chain
  • To be continued…..
Evermark China Factory Our Story